Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Projects

Wildlife rehabilitators can receive from between 60 to over 6000 wild animals each year.

Why you should support our cause

The rescue, treatment and rehabilitation of wild animal casualties is increasing. There is no doubt that people have always felt compassion for wounded and sick animals and perhaps a reason why rehabilitation is gaining interest is the awareness of human induced threats, such as climate change, to the natural world and the development of veterinary medicine to the stage at which treating a wild animal can be effective.

Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation is a demanding and highly skilled role. Rehabilitators want to ensure that a wild animal receives the best care and treatment to ensure that it will be released back to the wild in the same condition it was prior to admission. This can take weeks to many months, sometimes a year or more. Daily running costs into hundreds, even thousands of pounds is common and many wildlife rehabilitators work tirelessly to care for wildlife.

Your generosity makes that difference for wildlife in care and enables us to deliver key messages, reaching hundreds of people each year, about the vital work of wildlife carers. 

What are the projects?

Your support enables us to provide vital resources to wildlife rescue so that wildlife in care is given the best possible chance of survival and release back to the wild. We also provide education resources, create wildlife enclosures, new habitats and offer advice for wildlife carers, no matter how big or small, across the UK. 

Our current Wildlife Challenge

We are very pleased to support Hedgehugs Wildlife Rescue, Pontefract, West Yorkshire. 

Julie Smith has been saving the lives of hundreds of Hedgehogs since 2014 with the support of a few volunteers.

With increasing numbers of sick and injured Hedgehogs arriving at the hospital Julie has asked for our help to provide an incubator for the survival and recovery of the weakest patients.  Warmth is a life-saver! 

Share our success to raise £400 for Hedgehugs first incubator!  

Hedgehugs Hedgehog Rescue

Thank you for your generosity


A Hedgehog recovers at a wildlife rescue centre


 Our Impact 2018 - 2021

Selby Hedgehog Rescue Centre, Selby, Yorkshire:

£300.00 donation of hospital equipment.

Hedgehog Care, Louth, Lincolnshire:

£300.00 donation of hedgehog rehabilitation and release boxes.

Chorley Hedgehog Rescue:

£250.00 donation of hospital equipment.

Caistor Hedgehog Rescue, Caistor, Lincolnshire:

 £200.00 donation of Hedgehog boxes in the hospital.

WildThings Rescue Centre, Lincolnshire:

£400.00 donation providing 2 new incubators for the hospital.

Rutland Hedgehog Rescue, Rutland:

£300.00 donation providing new Hedgehog shelter facilities.

Prickly Edge Hedgehog Rescue, Yorkshire:

£450.00 donation for a hospital incubator.

Lucky Hedgehog Rescue, Grimston, East Yorkshire:

£500.00 donation for a critical ward.

Hoglets and Hedgepigs Rescue, Great Ayton, North Yorkshire:

£400.00 donation for new Hedgehog Habitats (Zoo zones)

Community workshops

Secondary & tertiary education: We have engaged with 99 young people who are not in education, employment or training and in further education

Primary education: We have delivered workshops to 1472 (2018) to 1275 (2019) young people in school, at events and through our community workshops.

You have provided opportunities for 57 children to participate on a series of re-wilding workshops and provided opportunities in their lives they would not normally have. 

Public guided activities: We have delivered guided activities to 259 members of the public (2018) to 77 members of the public (2019) and 20 members of the public (2021).

Wildlife Links:

YOU have linked 12 primary schools and one college since it's launch in September 2018.





See our News page for projects we have supported. Perhaps you know a wildlife carer who would like our help? Keep in contact.



"It's all about encouraging people to participate and learn about the natural world through hands on discovery."

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