Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Projects

Wildlife rehabilitators can receive from between 60 to over 6000 wild animals each year.

Why you should support our cause

The rescue, treatment and rehabilitation of wild animal casualties is increasing. There is no doubt that people have always felt compassion for wounded and sick animals and perhaps a reason why rehabilitation is gaining interest is the awareness of human induced threats to the natural world and the development of veterinary medicine to the stage at which treating a wild animal can be effective.

Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation is a demanding and highly skilled role. Rehabilitators want to ensure that a wild animal receives the best care and treatment to ensure that it will be released back to the wild in the same condition it was prior to admission. This can take between weeks to many months, sometimes a year or more. Daily running costs into hundreds, even thousands of pounds is common and many wildlife rehabilitators work tirelessly to care for wildlife.

Your generosity makes that difference for wildlife in care. Your generosity enables us to deliver key messages, reaching hundreds of people each year, about the vital work of wildlife carers. 

What are the projects?

Your support enables us to provide vital resources and veterinary equipment so that wildlife in care is given the best possible chance of survival and release back to the wild. We provide education resources, create wildlife enclosures, new habitats and offer advice for wildlife carers, no matter how big or small, across the UK. 


Our current project:

Caistor Hedgehog Care 

WildAid was contacted by Lauri at Caistor Hedgehog Care after Lauri met one of our fundraisers. Completely self funded and supported by a small number of friends and family Lauri is currently caring for over 50 Hedgehogs admitted to her small sanctuary with various injuries and ailments.

Lauri explains: "We have poorly Hedgehogs with lung worm, others with injuries suffered from garden machinery, litter and a large number of admissions are because othey are underweight. The winter has been harsh to them.

Talking with Lauri and you will understand the love and care she and her friends give to these little creatures. 

Lauri continues " I have run out of shelters for the Hedgehogs. If i receive as many, this year, as i did last year then i won't have any where to care for them".

By supporting and sharing our appeal we aim to donate at least 6 shelters for Lauri. The shelters can hold up to 5 hedgehogs ready for release. You have already helped us deliver 3 wildlife challenges and we know you can again. So please join our cause.


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See our News page for projects we have supported. Perhaps you know a wildlife carer who would like our help? Keep in contact.



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About WildAid

Established over 25 years ago, as a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre, WildAid has been making a difference for wildlife welfare throughout the UK ever since.


The projects run by WildAid depend upon the generosity and kindness of our supporters.



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