A unique, rare gift this Christmas

We are delighted to offer you a unique and rare opportunity to purchase artwork from one of Britain's most acclaimed wildlife artists; Steve Burgess!  Following his generous donation to our community work The Ghost of Goldsworthy's Barn, Zambezi Morning, and Protective Custody capture the essence of Steve's celebration of wildlife delivered skillfully onto canvas.  These prints could be yours or a gift for a wildlife lover in your life.   

You should know that proceeds from your purchase of this beautiful artwork will benefit wildlife rescue centres through our Wildlife Challenges and the delivery of our community action programmes:

The wildlife rescue community comprises:

of around 500 small wildlife rescue facilities across the UK. Collectively it is estimated that up to 50,000 wild animals are rescued and treated each year and thousands of these animals being released back to the wild. We receive many requests from wildlife rescues who need urgent medical equipment, development of hospital buildings, enclosures and wildlife rescue equipment.

Our community action programmes engage with several thousand people each year. Providing learning opportunities about the natural environment and wildlife rescue. Our programmes encourage active participation, deliver social investment and legacy for future generations.

Our flagship programme Wildlife Link is a part of building this legacy and link in the community.

So not only will you have a unique piece of wildlife art work you will be helping people and wildlife conservation.  To make a purchase visit our WildAid Foundation Trust eBay account or contact us on 07833 248352 or at info@wildaid.co.uk

Wildlife prints for sale

The Ghost of Goldsworthy's Barn: Limited Edition 15"x18" signed fine art print. Price £140.00

Zambezi Morning: Limited Edition 22"x14" signed fine art print. Price £140.00

Protective Custody:Limited Edition 22"x14" signed fine art print. Price £140.00

"It's all about encouraging people to participate and learn about the natural world through hands on discovery."

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