Let's Give Two Hoots for British Wildlife

Quartering over farmland, hovering with the silence of a butterfly in flight, effortless flying, the unsurpassed hunter; the Barn Owl. The key to a Barn Owl’s silent flight is in its feathers, The shape allows the feather to cut the air without making sound, making them perfectly aerodynamic. The ability to see things that are hidden and hunt completely undetected are key to a Barn Owls life and survival.

When you see a wild Barn Owl you’ll recognise their distinctiveness. A white heart-shaped face, buff back wings and pure white underneath and no ear tufts all contribute to their striking appearance. Their large black eyes only let the Barn Owl look forward in a fixed position and cannot move to the side, so consequently the Barn Owl has to turn its head to see to the side or back. Their hearing is amazing and the ability to locate prey by sound alone is one of the best in the animal kingdom.

Barn Owls however are in serious decline due to many factors including intensive farming, use of rodenticides and loss of habitat. Here in 2022, 72% of Barn Owl casualties are caused on major roads. Recovery of an injured Barn Owl, in a wildlife hospital, can take months of care and attention costing many hundreds of pounds. 

For an enigmatic £140.00 you would be wise not to miss an opportunity to own a limited edition print kindly donated from one of Britain’s acclaimed wildlife artists Steve Burgess:

The Ghost of Goldsworthy Barn is a spectacular portrait of the endearing Barn Owl. Captivating your attention you should know that the proceeds of purchasing this beautiful print will be supporting our wildlife rescue projects https://www.wildaid.co.uk/wild... Our fundraising campaigns aim to support the wildlife rescue community with emergency and rescue equipment for wildlife hospitals. To purchase one of these limited prints visit our online shop: https://www.wildaid.co.uk/shop... or contact us at info@wildaid.co.uk 

Thank you. 

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