The Hedgehog Shed Incubator Fundraiser

The Hedgehog Shed is run by hedgehog champions Mary and Ray Grant near Wakefield. Since rescuing their first hedgehog they have not looked back in caring for hedgehogs from across Yorkshire.

Speaking with Mary in late January 2023 it was clear that the poorliest hedgehogs in her care would benefit hugely from a life saving incubator. Mary and Ray care for up to 300 hedgehogs each year.  Whereas the heat pads, Mary is using, provide direct warmth for recovering hedgehogs an incubator maintains a stable, safe and warm environment for the sickest hedgehogs. Incubators are very efficient investments holding onto their value and reputation as a life saving piece of equipment for a wildlife hospital.

Starting in around the £400 mark they are not inexpensive pieces of equipment and this is why we ask for your continued support to make a difference to the survival of hedgehogs in Mary and Ray’s care.

There are so many ways you can help us to fund the incubator. You can make a donation here on our website or perhaps you may have a super baking skill? It's Winter and cake munching season. We love baking and sharing so why not embark on a tray bake special as a fundraiser? This is just one way to enjoy fundraising. Do you know any others?

Join us and help us raise funds to save the lives of the most vulnerable hedgehogs in The Hedgehog Shed’s care.

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