Hedgehog Hospital Building a Dream

Prickleback Urchin Hedgehog Rescue is run by Rachel Thomas and her husband, from their home in Rutland. Established less than 12 months ago they have already cared for 50 Hedgehogs. Their home is the Hedgehog hospital. Two rooms and a garden shed dedicated to the clinical care of orphaned, injured and displaced Hedgehogs.  

Since the number of patients increases capacity to care for the Hedgehogs increases too.  Rachel is ambitious to establish a Hedgehog unit converted in her garage later this the year.   

With your help the Hedgehogs in their current and future care have a greater chance of survival with the aid of a new portable oxygen concentrator and a new device to tackle flystrike relieving both stress and discomfort for injured patients. Both items are crucial to for the survival and welfare of the Hedgehogs in their care.

We hope you can support our work and help us raise £400 to purchase and deliver these life saving devices for Prickleback Urchin Hedgehog Rescue. 

"It's all about encouraging people to participate and learn about the natural world through hands on discovery."

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