Hedgepig and Hoglets Hutch Appeal

Hedgepigs and Hoglets is a registered charity which opened in Great Ayton, North Yorkshire in 2016, by the founder Jill Dodds.

Being passionate for wildlife, and rescued animals since her childhood, Jill set up Hedgepig and Hoglets rescue sick and injured Hedgehogs and other wildlife and return them to the wild.  Passionate about learning and sharing her knowledge with others Jill also delivers education sessions in the community and is very passionate about educating people about the vulnerability of the European Hedgehog across the UK.  

Jill is ambitious:  Fundraising for a new hospital build Jill is also in desperate need to meet the demands of the increasing nmbers of sick and injured Hedgehogs arriving at her centre. Her appeal to us could not come at a more urgent time as her Hedgehog holding capacity lessens each week.  With your support and generosity together we can support Jill's work and the vital support for hedgehogs in her care.   

The European Hedgehog is our native Hedgehog. Once a common sighting in the countryside, the Hedgehog population has steadily been retreating due to factors such as loss of habitat and loss of food sources. The Hedgehog population is now officially classified as vulnerable to extinction. Lost forever!

The passion to care for these animals - to see their populations thrive again - we applaud that Jill chooses to share her life with these precious animals and we ought to support her to help conserve them.

If you can please donate generously.  With your support we aim to raise £500 for Hedgepigs and Hoglets and ensure that the Hedgehogs and other wildlife receive the best care possible. 

"It's all about encouraging people to participate and learn about the natural world through hands on discovery."

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