Gifts for Christmas

This Christmas Give a Gift to Wildlife

By bestowing £25.00 your loved one becomes the proud owner of a unique gift.

Your donation will help WildAid to provide incubators, medicine, surgical equipment and much more for wildlife carers around the country. 


The last 12 months have been unlike anything WildAid and the wildlife rescue community have ever experienced. Compounding the impact of an international pandemic, wildlife has continued to be persecuted, habitats continued to be wrecked all of which threatens the loss of our native wildlife.  Species thought to be common have been re-classified. Our most well known and loved wildlife like the Hedgehog is now threatened with extinction. Badgers continue to be persecuted, Rich countryside continues to disappear forever - wildlife is displaced. 

The Wildlife Rescue Community

Wildlife rescue is a national community of carers for tens of thousands of wild animals who need your help. WildAid has been helping the wildlife rescue community for over 25 years. Because of your generosity we have helped carers like Elaine at Hedgehog Care by providing hedgehog shelters, and Janette at Chorley Hedgehog Rescue with medical equipment for her Hedgehog hospital. The community works tirelessly, around the clock, to ensure wildlife stay alive and can be returned safely to the wild.

Our Gift To You

Our gift to you is a unique personalised framed certificate

You choose the message you want to appear on your certificate 

  • You choose a colour photograph of the wildlife you prefer. They have all been rescued and successfully released back to the wild:


Badger, Hedgehog, Red Fox, Young Tawny Owl


Your loved one becomes the proud owner of a personalised certificate.

Your loved one’s name will appear on our interactive supporter's map.

100% of your bequest will go to wildlife rescue. 

 Quick and easy to order online:

"It's all about encouraging people to participate and learn about the natural world through hands on discovery."

About WildAid

Established over 25 years ago, as a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre, WildAid has been making a difference for wildlife welfare throughout the UK ever since.


The projects run by WildAid depend upon the generosity and kindness of our supporters.



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