Rutland Hedgehog Rescue Saving Britain's Hedgehogs

It is critical times for British wildlife and one of our much familiar and much loved mammals the European Hedgehog. 

Hedgehogs are disappearing from our countryside. The State of Britains Hedgehogs Report highlights this as a worrying sign for this enigmatic mammal. Agricultural intensification, predation and road kills are the main reasons why the rural Hedgehog is disappearing from our countryside.  In urban areas, where Hedgehogs are regularly seen, the picture is slightly more promising.

Our latest campaign to support Debbie Oakes, at Rutland Hedgehog Rescue, is our most ambitious yet.  An expereienced Hedgehog rescuer since 1991 Debbie is experiencing an increase in the number of Hedgehog casualties to her hospital never experienced before. Debbie receives no funding, she works full time and manages to run a family home and save the lives of hundreds of Hedgehogs every year. 

Our call to Action is raise £500. This will fund the build of two new enclosures and provide the vitals of heat and light for the sick and orphaned Hedgehogs. 

It is critical for the health of British wildlife that we can join together to support the front line of wildlife conservation; Debbie at Rutland Hedgehog Rescue is one of many making a difference. You can too. Join us and make a generous donation here:

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