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Wildlife Link is here! At WildAid we believe it is a priority, not a choice, to be engaged about the natural world and the magnificent diversity of wildlife we share our lives with. So since mid June up until the end of the school year Wildlife Charlie has been out on the road educating over 700 children about just this. 

From Blackpool to South Cheshire our Wildlife Charlie has been delivering a range of topics to inspire children about living in kind with nature, respecting and valuing the natural world and the need to be ambassadors for wildlife. Through a new initiative called Wildlife Link we are reaching young people, 

Wildlife Charlie explains:

''Wildlife Link provides young people with the knowledge and understanding about wildlife rescue through curriculum lead sessions. Hands on experience lead by a professional has a huge impact for children that is long lasting. The journey does not stop once the session has been delivered. It begins! The school becomes a part of Wildlife Link where learning and culture then start to work for wildlife rescue in a way that has never been seen before. It is absolutely inspiring!"

Wildlife Link will be formally launched early in the new school year. Wildlife Link is not just for schools - but individual supporters and businesses are invited to be involved in this ground breaking initiative! 

Wildlfie Charlie continues to explain:

''All the workshops have been fantastic - If there was a single session i came away from with goosebumps then this will have been delivering a Plastic Awareness day with Holy Family Catholic Primary School, Blackpool. After a thought provoking assembly over 240 children created their own portrait from single use plastics. The children also recorded a pledge to help the environment. I will continue to work with the school to help choose some portraits which will be exhibited in The Solaris Centre in Blackpool. The whole school was captivated! As a result Holy Family are adopting new ways to procure and use single use plastics. To reduce or eliminate their use in school. It is utterely fantastic!''

Want to be inspired?  Our facebook page has a new gallery showing a handful of portraits and images from the day. 

Look out for Wildlife Link in the next few weeks!





"It's all about encouraging people to participate and learn about the natural world through hands on discovery."

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