WildAid at Chorley Hedgehog Rescue Centre

It was just before Christmas we visited Janette founder of Chorley Hedgehog Rescue. The immediate impact of what Janette, her sister and a small number of friends are achieving is overwhelming; Near several hundred sick and injured Hedgehogs being carefully treated and provided for. This is caring for wildlife on an epic scale. 

We were stunned. Not only by the sheer volume of Hedgehogs under care, but the capacity and resources Janette does not have to deliver and achieve so much. 

Janette said 'I have lost one Hedgehog out of hundreds under my care since Christmas. It was just so poorly there was very little i could do to save it'.  'The juveniles that kept arriving so late into Autumn and even into December have pushed us beyond capacity - but we will always take them in'.

It was with delight that recently we visitied Chorley Hedgehog Rescue to meet again with Janette and deliver a parcel of emergency and medical equipment which you have supported. This included: heat pads, Esbilac puppy milk replacer, sanitiser, syringes and microslides.

Very much the same number of Hedgehogs were being cared for. Enthusiastically Janette added that within weeks over 150 Hedgehogs would be released back to the wild. As soon as consecutive evenigs temperatures had climbed so as to ensure a safe release. 

Janette and her team have also been delivering a Hedgehog Foster scheme and continue to find new release sites. 

Do not under-estimate the 24 hour commitment required to care for wildlife. Janette, her family and her supporters are a rare example to show how much can be achieved from very little.

WildAid will continue to support Chorley Hedgehog Rescue and we urge you to as well. 

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Thank you for all your support!

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