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Through our partnerships we have been in an envious position to lead on delivering an education service to thousands of young people. At the heart of our charitable work, school groups, cub scouts, brownies, college and university students are benefiting from engaging on our education programs. We are now so pleased to be involved in delivering a rolling, 10 week programme for dis-advantaged young people aspiring to be recognised in society they have otherwise experienced hardship in. 

Our Charity Manager and Education Officer 'Wildlife Charlie' co-leads and delivers a programme of environmental and wildlife focussed workshops attended by 2 students based at RSPCA Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre. This approach, we know, really works for young people: gaining new experiences and skills, exploring approaches and attitudes to wildlife and conservation, obtaining a unique opportunity to seriously consider a career and new beginnings in life. The well-being and benefits of being valued and worth cannot be under-estimated.

Laura's story:

"Prior to starting at the RSPCA Laura had little or no ambition, did not see the value of education in school an also had challenging behaviour in the school setting. She had started an animal course but due to social/emotional  issues started to refuse to go . She had mentioned in meetings that if she could do any job she would like to work for the RSPCA as she wanted to “help things that couldn’t speak for themselves”. Laura has always stated that she likes to look after things because of her background in social care. She has stated often that she prefers the company of animals to humans as they are “more honest” and “don’t lie to her”. It was suggested that she could start the placement. This would act as a reward for her being settled in school and focused in lessons.

From the first time she visited she said that she felt at home there. Each week we have seen her grow and grow in her confidence and also ambition for the future. She now speaks frequently about her future career and where she sees her life going. Her placement has had a positive impact in every area of her life, her school, foster home and family contact. Her social worker and those who work closely with Laura have said it has been invaluable in terms of the boost  to her confidence and her focus on the future".

"It is our hope that Laura could potentially continue after she leaves school with an apprenticeship . She is very much a practical  leaner and the commitment to her placement and the work there has been a joy to see. She now states on her my voice document that she completes for meetings that she wants a career with animals"

The support from our partners, fundraising efforts and all those individuals supporting our charitable efforts truly makes a difference. We rely entirely on public funds to deliver these programs so wherever and when-ever you can please share our vision and donate generously. 




"It's all about encouraging people to participate and learn about the natural world through hands on discovery."

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