You Did It!

We first talked with Victoria at Selby Hedgehog Haven regarding a completely different topic. Then within a short time we had our first challenge!  Victoria was desperate for hospital equipment to help save the dozens of poorly and orphaned hedgehogs arriving at her centre. 

The challenge was on: our fundraising team working so hard, crowdfunder, social media posts bursting out, website promotion, and a special cake bake! Six weeks later we found that you had given and enabled us, here at WildAid, to resource heat pads, an incubator, specialist food, veterinary equipment and the arrival of Crikey our WildAid mascot for Selby Hedgehog Haven.

Contacting Victoria and actually saying that we have this equipment and shall be delivering it to Selby was really special! 

It was time to take the equipment over to Selby from our base near Lancaster. Thoughts of what Selby Hedgehog Haven would be like entertained thoughts. 

It was no surprise to knock on the door of a private home, clusters of clean towels and linen drying outside on a fine October day. The faint aroma of Hedgehog in the air! Yes this is the right place.  Warmly greeted by Victoria's partner Tony i was invited to the rear garden where a small, capable and beautifully operational garden shed stood! A small plaque on the door.  'Welcome to Selby Hedgehog Haven.'

Victoria came out from her home. She had recently been quite poorly, but this did not knock the immediate banter, warmth and welcome to see her hospital. Victoria and Tony are 100% committed to helping wildlife and here it just happens to be Hedgehogs.  Victoria has created an extraordinary sanctuary for poorly and orphaned Hedgehogs. Built up from a passion, donations, personal finances Victoria and Tony work extremely hard to ensure Hedgehogs and other wildlife have every chance of successful treatment to be then released back to the wild. There is no wage, no holiday or holiday pay, no statutory lunch break, this is around the clock care and dedication. 

Handing over the equipment to Victoria and Tony was thrilling!  It was not a huge amount of equipment. We wish we could have constructed the new hospital unit Victoria is currently fundraising for. But it makes a huge difference! Every small gesture does. 

In Victoria's own words: "I'm overwhelmed at the items you bought for the rescue. Thank you so much."

Here at WildAid we are overwhelmed by the support you have all given us. 

There are hundreds of Selby Hedgehog Haven's across the UK. Fantastic, passionate wildlife lovers taking in injured, orphaned and displaced wildlife to ensure that wildlife remains part of the British countryside. 

WildAid is the only wildlfie charity in the UK supporting the un-heard and un-known in this way: for those individuals saving the lives of thousands of wild animals and returning them back to where they belong - in the wild.

We invite you all to share our vision and be a part of this. 

Hedgehog Care is our current challenge

"It's all about encouraging people to participate and learn about the natural world through hands on discovery."

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