Hospital Equipment for Selby Hedgehog Haven

The European Hedgehog is currently in severe decline across the UK with a third lost since the millennium.

On the outskirts of Selby, Yorkshire there is a small wildlife hospital which rescues, cares for and releases dozens of Hedgehogs each year. Run by Victoria Brown, and her passionate volunteers, Selby Hedgehog Haven is a sanctuary for hedgehogs and wildlife in distress. 

Victoria runs her Hedgehog hospital purely from kind donations and the support of the local community who dedicate dozens of volunteer hours for the hedgehogs.  Chatting with Victoria we hear that many young hedgehogs are distressed because of lungworm and others are distressed because of respiratory problems. The unpredictable and un-characteristic weather sees juvenile hedgehogs seeking warmth and food.

To support Victoria and to help save the lives of many Hedgehogs we asked what would make a real difference? So here we are asking for your generosity; a donation to provide an incubator and a nebuliser for the hospital. Both pieces of equipment are life savers and under the care of Victoria this will mean that Hedgehogs remain a part of the British countryside. 

Speaking for ourselves here at WildAid and for Victoria we thank you for your support and we look forward to bringing you news about our fundraising campaign for Selby Hedgehog Haven.

Please click the hedgehog here to make a generous donation.


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