Our latest Wildlife Challenge

Returning tens of thousands of hedgehogs to the wild since 1985 hedgehog Care has asked for our help to provide hedgehog boxes for their hedgehog release this Autumn. Based in Authorpe, Lincolnshire Hedgehog Care is managed by hedgehog expert, Elaine Drewery, and her volunteers.

Entirely reliant on donations Elaine tells us inspiring stories and that one thing she really needs for her hedgehogs are hedgehog boxes. These are strong wooden boxes made for hedgehogs in mind. They will use them for shelter and even for bringing up a new family. Hedgehogs will be released to the countryside and with a box giving them a real chance of survival across the winter. 

The European Hedgehog is currently in severe decline across the UK with a third lost since the millennium. Elaine's work is ensuring hedgehogs remain a part of the British countryside.

Share this vision to provide Elaine's hedgehogs with at least 10 boxes which will mean between 40 - 50 hedgehogs will have safe sanctuary this winter. We would like to provide more.

We aim to raise £250.00 by 31st October 2017. Please help us reach this.

To donate please click here. Thank you. 

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