Community Investment for Wildlife

I would like to admit that i've planted a tree or two in my time or in retrospect: I'd like to think of Investing nature for future generations!  So i was thrilled to be involved in leading the final phase of a woodland creation scheme at RSPCA Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre. Generously donated by The Woodland Trust an eager group of volunteers from Barclays Bank joined WildAid Charlie to plant out 300 native trees.  

Within the last 2 years we have created over 1 hectacre of mixed deciduous woodland at the centre. The woodland forms part of a bigger picture where we will support the development of an ambitious education / conservation program at the U.K's busiest wildlfie rescue and rehabilitation centre.

We have made a big impact for the dozens of community volunteers, students and staff who have already contibuted to both the creation of a new woodland and the development of the program. We now look to secure funding whcih will enable the next phase of the program where we can beging to plan and create trails, infrastructure and education activities for the whole community to enjoy as well as attracting enterprise and investment.

Already, students from Salford University, studying for their Masters degree in in Wildlife Conservtion, are helping to develop the next phase of plans by producing a conservation and recreation management scheme which generously supporting our mission and delivering one of their major modules. 

So the wheels are in motion. Wrenbury Cub Scouts Group enjoyed wildlife workshops, at the centre, one night recently with WildAid. This program is for them to enjoy -  the future stewards of the natural world and carers for the injured wildlife that frequents the centre. The impact of this program is huge. We welcome any involvement in the delivery of this ambitious program. Look forward to hearing from you. 

"It's all about encouraging people to participate and learn about the natural world through hands on discovery."

About WildAid

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