What do young people think about nature?

How fortunate is WildAid!  In Autumn 2015 Laura approached WildAid to enquire about basing her research dissertation with us. After seeing the value of our educational work in the community, Laura approacing her final year to complete her BSc (Hons) in Animal Behaviour and Welfare, then undertook 8 months of research to complete her research dissertation:

'The effect of environmental education on the connection to nature, attitudes and behaviours in young people'

No easy undertaking, despite it being well understood that nature is in trouble and young people are not experiencing nature and ultimately not caring about it enough. Efforts to restoring this connection is still limited. 

Fast forward all the workshops, sessions, meetings, data collection and anlaysis etc - because dear reader you will now be 'less connected'.

The conclusions from Laura's extensive research are that:

  • Our inspiring education does have a significant influence on the connection and attitudes of young people.
  • The duration and period of our sessions has important ramifications to retain a connection.
  • Our education is effective at increasing positive attitudes in young people and some degree of behavioral change. 
  • There are many further opportunities for us to explore and address 'connecting' young people with the natural world.

For the future - Laura's research is invaluable. It has considerable influence on the development of not just our own aims, but for the sector as a whole. We look forward to sharing this with you. 

It has been a brilliant 8 months working alongside Laura - getting to know her, becoming friends as well as a close supporter of our work. WildAid is privileged to know and work with Laura and we wish her all the very best of luck and best wishes for the future. 

"It's all about encouraging people to participate and learn about the natural world through hands on discovery."

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