Our Animals Adaptations are a big hit

Finding out what nature lives on your doorstep is really important. Discovering how nature adapts to the environment, to their habitat, is exciting and engaging.  Scores of families came along to find out exaclty this during our Spring session with the Friends of North Blackpool Pond Trail.  Kincraig Lake and the habitats surrounding it is a special wildlife gem in Blackpool. Sensitively managed to support an abundance of nature. We were not disappointed by the range of wildlife diversity including: Grey Heron nesting, many waterfowl species, Bumblebee's, Common Frogs, woodland flora, hibernating larvae and a range of newly arrived Warblers to name but a few. 

WildAid Charlie said ' I am over joyed to see so many families participating on our sessions and enjoying the outdoors. The children are really enjoying finding out about nature on their doorstep and they have many wildlife stories to share.  It is especially important that we can link with local communities and offer the opportunity to engage with nature discovery.  We can clearly see the positive interaction and responsibility these sessions have'

Gracious thanks are offered tto The Friends of North Blackpool Pond Trail for supporting our sessions. 

It is easy to find out if there is an activity coming up near you. Log onto the website and click the 'Events' page for details. We look forward to seeing you soon.

"It's all about encouraging people to participate and learn about the natural world through hands on discovery."

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