It's rubbish, but not Year 5

Let's be honest - litter and pollution has an impact on our environment and for wildlife it can be significant. 

Year 5 at Kincraig Primary school, Blackpool have made a BIG difference in their community after investigating the impact of litter and pollution on animals and the natural environment with WildAid Charlie.

Our investigations began with classroom based workshops which explored the children's thoughts and opinions about recycling and the impact of litter.

The children's curiosity grew throughout the morning as the final workshops concluded with a water pollution experiment and an opportunity for the children to deliver their own personal messages about litter, recycling, reduce and re-use. 

WildAid Charlie said: Year 5 are very knowledgable about the impact of litter on the environment. Our workshops really grew their curiosity and understanding and in particular how to make a positive difference.  Well done everyone!

Thank you to Kincraig Primary School and to all WildAid supporters who enable us to continue to deliver our vital work in the community.  



"It's all about encouraging people to participate and learn about the natural world through hands on discovery."

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