Wildlife Surveys at Kincraig Primary School,

We had such a good day with Year 6 at Kincraig Primary School, Blackpool, exploring the habitats around Kincraig Lake and introducing the children to wildlfie surveys.  After an identification quiz the children loved the 3 wildlife survey challenges in the different habitats. We found frogs and toads, plenty of insects, snails and even managed to attract some magpies with a special gadget WildAid Charlie used to attract wildlife predators. The children were amazed.

Back in the classroom we worked hard to share our results and everyone got the chance to tell their friends and peers about their findings and how they could help wildlife and habitats.  We found 17 species of invertebrates, molluscs, amphibians and birds. 

The children had a chance to design their own invertebrate after looking closely at some of the adaptations insects have to survive. There were some amazing insects. To finish off we all enjoyed a wildlife nature table quiz.  By far, the children really enjoyed going outside and looking for nature.

Katie said " I loved searching for frogs and insects and i now understand about nature."

Amber said " I liked when we went out of school and looked at all the wildlife. I learned a lot today."  Amber was not alone.

Bradley said " I liked trying to look for insects and i like nature because you showed me good differences". 


"It's all about encouraging people to participate and learn about the natural world through hands on discovery."

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