Back to school

Working for wildlife is definitely no quiet business!

WildAid has recently made some fantastic engagements with young people across the North West:

During a three week ecology project WildAid Charlie supported Holy Cross Catholic High School students with ecological field work.  We linked with over 150 students delivering unique soil and wildlife experiments throughout the school grounds.  Miss Cree, Scince teacher said: The children really have enjoyed participating in this field work and by having an external expert such as WildAid working with us really has made an impression on the children.  

Our work continues to evolve at Darwen Vale High School near Blackburn. WildAid Charlie recently met with the head teacher and school wildlife advocate Mr Wilson to discuss plans to improve part of the school grounds for wildlife. After a field habitat assessment we seem to have a WildAid project on our hands.  Watch this space for more information and developments as it occurs. We wil need your support.

In addition to our work with Darwen Vale High School, WildAid Charlie recently visitied Carr Hill High School in Kirkham (near Preston) to meet with the Science team to look at ways to improve the school garden for wildlfie. This is likely to be a September start and we will will bring you further news as this story develops.

Blackpool sixth form ecology students recently returned to enjoy a pond habitat assessment with WildAid Charlie. The survey is a great way to introduce students to field work and hone in on developing ecological survey skills.  We couldn't have done it without thanks to North Blackpool Pond Trail for the loan of equipment and survey equipment. 

So to follow: WildAid Charlie will be working at Lancashire Schools Sustainability Conference in Accrington soon and Primary College Days in Crewe. We look forward to telling you all about it.


"It's all about encouraging people to participate and learn about the natural world through hands on discovery."

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