Juning into nature I

If it's been happening then we have been there.  We've delivered so many engaging activities during the first half of June that we just have to let you know - so you can take part too.  

Busy weekend in North Lancashire as WildAid took new workshops to a well supported Bioblitz at the Wyre Estuary Country Park.  A Bioblitz is a fantastic way for nature enthusiasts and the community to come together to record all things nature in 24 hours.  Our target was to record 300 species. This was well under way by the 16th hour of recording.  Our own WildAid Charlie lead a bat walk, recording over 20 individual bats representing 4 species!

The Bioblitz organiser Jean Wilson said:  'Charlie lead such a terrific walk for the event. His knowledge and character engaged with the visitors really well and by identifying so many bats he has really contributed to the first Bioblitz at the park. I would defintely recommend Charlie's work for anyone interested in wildlfie and natural history'. Thank you Jean!

The following day WildAid was up early to join dozens of wildlife enthusiasts for the main event day.  We delivered 2 workshops: Oily experiment which introduced visitors to the impact polluted water can have on wildlfie. In addition, our internationally acclaimed 'nature table' captured the imagination of visitors eager to know what items from nature were feasting in front of their eyes. or it could have been because there were prizes being awarded?

We are so grateful to the Jean and organisers of this special event and making us a part of a quite literal 'nature extravaganza'


"It's all about encouraging people to participate and learn about the natural world through hands on discovery."

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