Quest Wildlife Week

Connecting the natural world with young people is so meaningful. Instills a respect and appreciation for the natural environment. Accountable for generations to come.  We have spent the best part of half term engaging with local communities across North Lancashire and what a special time we have enjoyed.

Our hugely successful 'Quest' workshops have welcomed dozens of people to discovering the natural world on their own doorstep.  There have been some unique wildlife surprises for us too:  discovering hundreds of stranded shore crabs after a high tide, many baby wild birds, the longest worm ever seen, beautiful young frogs and the smells and sounds of a healthy natural environment.

Our workshops have focussed on one important value: That the natural environment of grasses and plant life, trees and shrubs are home to a greater number of invertebrates than man-made structures.  A whole 46% greater.  We noticed that the natural environment is also 51% richer in invertebrate life than man made structures. 

During the Summer we are looking forward to delivering further workshops for local communities and we do hope we will be engaging with you.  

See our 'Events' page for further information on our workshops.  We really appreciate any donation you can offer. It means that our valued work can be outrecahed into the community - a real benefit for wildlife and people.  Thank you.

"It's all about encouraging people to participate and learn about the natural world through hands on discovery."

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