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Through our 5 year partnership with the RSPCA we have been in an envious position to lead on delivering an education service to thousands of young people. At the heart of our charitable work, school groups, cub scouts, brownies, college and university students have all benefitted from engagement on our education programs. This is at the heart of our charitable work. We are now so pleased to be involved in delivering a rolling, 10 week programme for dis-advantaged young people aspiring to be recognised in society they have otherwise experienced hardship in. 

Our Charity Manager and Education Officer 'Wildlife Charlie' co-leads and delivers a programme of environmental and wildlife focussed workshops attended by 2 students based at RSPCA Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre. This approach, we know, really works for young people: gaining new experiences and skills, exploring approaches and attitudes to wildlife and conservation, obtaining a unique opportunity to seriously consider a career and new beginnings in life. The well-being and benefits of being valued and worth cannot be under-estimated.

Our Charity Manager, Charlie says ' When 2 young people used to experiencing 2nd, 3rd or even no chances in their young lives are presented with time, value and thoughtfulness for them aone - this is when great things can happen'.  Yes wildlfie welfare is at the core of our values - it is the changes we can make for people which truly has long term, enriching benefits. 

The support from our partners, fundraising efforts and all those individuals supporting our valued charitable efforts truls making a difference. We rely entirely on public funds to deliver these programs so wherever and when-ever you can please share our vision and donate generously. Thank you. 




"It's all about encouraging people to participate and learn about the natural world through hands on discovery."

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Established over 25 years ago, as a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre, WildAid has been making a difference for wildlife welfare throughout the UK ever since.


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